Dnipro Shluchim Miraculously Spared from Russian Missile Strike

Meters from the home of shluchim in Dnipro, Ukraine, a large Russian missile struck a residential building, stopping at the ceiling of a Jewish family’s home. Miraculously, the missile warhead did not explode and was safely defused by demolition experts.

By Anash.org reporter

Just meters from the home of a Chabad emissary, a Russian missile struck a residential building in Dnipro, Ukraine, shortly before Shabbos, causing casualties and extensive damage.

The missile hit a complex of apartment buildings, resulting in several missing persons (presumed dead), one confirmed death, and twelve injuries. The missile’s warhead, weighing hundreds of kilograms, did not explode, leading to the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the area until it was safely defused by demolition experts.

After destroying four floors, the missile stopped in the ceiling of a Jewish family’s home, who were not home, thereby saving their lives. In the building opposite – where most windows were shattered – several Jewish families reside, including a family of shluchim, who miraculously escaped without injury.

The missile landed on Vikonkumiska Street in the heart of the city, an area known for its significant Jewish population. Within a few dozen meters of the impact site, several shluchim and numerous Jewish families reside due to its proximity to the city’s Jewish community center. The homes of several Jewish families were damaged by the blast, with windows shattered and some experiencing more severe damage.

One of the shluchim, originally from Israel, living in a nearby building, said, “We heard a massive explosion and saw choking smoke and dust rising from the building. It’s a great miracle that the warhead did not explode; otherwise, the death toll would have been much higher. Even the locals here are talking about the great miracle that happened.”

On the following Shabbos, the Jewish residents from the nearby buildings gathered to recite Hagomel at the Menorah Center – the largest Jewish center in the world, under the leadership of Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky, the chief rabbi and head Chabad emissary in Dnipro. Simultaneously, the Jewish community evacuated the affected families to safer locations.

Rabbi Meir Stambler, chairman of the “Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine” (FJCU), whose main offices are not far from the missile strike, said, “Our hearts ache for every person affected by this war, which daily claims the lives of young Ukrainians on the battlefield and innocent civilians due to drone and missile strikes. We are grateful that the Jews of the city can feel the support and embrace of the Jewish community despite all the challenges, and we hope and pray that Moshiach will come soon and bring peace to the entire world.”

He added that despite the fear and danger, shluchim in the city and across Ukraine do not intend to leave as long as they are needed to provide physical and spiritual assistance to every Jew. “Alongside the precautions we take, we are confident that Hashem will protect us in the mission given to us by the Rebbe – a mission that will not cease until the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.”

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