Dnieper Matza Bakery Survives Russian Missile Strike

Two Russian missiles exploded next door to the Dnieper Matzah Bakery threatening to destroy the matzah bakery. Firefighters spent hours battling the flames as community members rushed to rescue the matzos.

Wednesday night at 10 pm, the sirens were activated again in the city of Dnieper in Ukraine, following a massive Russian attack on the city using suicidal Russian and Iranian drones.

Seven drones were intercepted, but two of them hit and blew up a warehouse in the south of the city, next to which stands the Tiferet Matzot bakery. The bakery was established twenty years ago and is under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi of the city, Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky.

The fire that burned the neighboring factory began to spread and threatened to consume the matzah bakery as well and large fire brigades were called to the area to fight the fire.

At the same time, the representatives of the Jewish community were also called to arrange to remove the equipment that could be removed as well as hundreds of kilograms of matzot that were baked yesterday for the Jews of the city.

In the end, after many nerve-racking hours, the Ukrainian firefighters managed to overcome the fire and put it out before the flames reached the bakery.

As recently reported, dozens of tons of matzos were baked there during the winter and they were distributed by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine to 50,000 households across the country, in addition to the public events that the Federation with Rabbis and Chabad shluchim will hold for 25,000 Jews throughout Ukraine where they will all eat matzot baked in the “Tiferet Matzot” bakery.

The chairman of the Federation, Rabbi Meir Stambler says that the bakery continues to work around the clock, up to and including Erev Pesach, to ensure that not a single Jew remains in Ukraine without matzos.


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