Divrei Torah Made Easy With New Curriculum

A brand new dvar Torah curriculum aims to help children learn a sicha well enough to share it articulately at the Shabbos table.

Have you ever sat by a Shabbos table where a boy or girl gets up to say a dvar Torah and it’s hard to decipher what they are saying? Do you know any teachers who wish they had more resources to aid them in the classroom? 

Imagine if deep concepts in Chassidus were explained clearly and precisely in a way that is easy to understand for students and teachers alike. Picture a student walking away at the end of a dvar Torah lesson having fully comprehended how Chassidus explains the function of a Jewish king, or why it’s so important for a student to sit and learn Hashem’s Torah.

Well you don’t have to imagine! Rabbi Mendel Weinbaum, a teacher in Lubavitch Yeshivah, and his phenomenal team have come up with the perfect solution: A dvar Torah curriculum.  

The curriculum, titled “Living With The Times,” lays out a sicha from Likkutei Sichos for each parsha in 5 clear steps. Each lesson starts off with a detail about the parsha, and continues on to present a fact that leads to a question and answer about the topic, and concludes with a beautiful and practical lesson. The curriculum includes a workbook for each student, as well as an accompanying teachers’ guide and a PowerPoint for each lesson. (See sample below.)

Thanks to generous sponsors, the curriculum is currently available to schools for an extremely affordable price. Student workbooks cost only $10 each while the PowerPoints and teachers’ guide are complimentary.

The curriculum has already generated great excitement and enthusiasm from countless teachers, principals, and parents who are impressed not just with its professionalism, but more importantly how the curriculum creates a framework and a structure for teachers to teach and give over a sicha of the Rebbe. The curriculum provides a guide while still allowing the teacher to inject his or her own personal flavor into the class.

Due to popular demand, the Shabbos edition is available for purchase for personal use. 

To purchase the curriculum, click here.

PowerPoint One
PowerPoint Two
Teacher’s Guide
Student Workbook

Please email [email protected] with any questions and comments on the curriculum or for sponsorship opportunities.

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