Dive Deeper into Chassidus: New Daily Podcast for Kislev

A unique podcast was made available for the month of Kislev, with every day expounding on one topic with a teaching from every Rebbe on that particular subject.

Embracing the Rebbe’s instruction from the year תשמ”ט, detailed in Sefer HaSichos תשמ”ט page 85, a new daily podcast, “Kislev Reflections,” has been launched for the Chabad community. This initiative, given over by Rabbi Levi Gelb, beautifully aligns with the Rebbe’s guidance to immerse in Chassidus during Kislev, ensuring that each day of the month resonates with the spirit of a ‘Chassidishe’ month.

The podcast features daily lessons from the Baal Shem Tov to our generation’s Rebbe, offering an enriching journey through Chassidus. Each episode is crafted to fulfill the Rebbe’s vision that every day in Kislev should be infused with the teachings of our holy Rebbes, thereby deeply sensing Kislev’s unique Chassidic essence.

Born from the inspiration of a Rosh Chodesh Farbrengen, “Kislev Reflections” serves as a daily spiritual rendezvous. It connects listeners with the profound insights of each Rebbe, enhancing their daily Avodas Hashem. This series stands as a bridge between the timeless wisdom of Chassidus and the practicalities of our contemporary lives.

Available across various platforms, the podcast is an ideal companion for Chassidim seeking to fulfill the Rebbe’s directive in a practical and accessible way. As we journey through Kislev, let this podcast be your guide in experiencing the depth and joy of Chassidus, bringing the light of our Rebbes’ teachings into every day of this auspicious month.

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