Discovery in Mazkir’s Archive Leads to New Reprint of Maamar

A newly discovered note from the Rebbe in response to mazkir Rabbi Leibel Groner shed new light on a ma’amar long considered to be difficult to understand, leading to the entire ma’amar being reworked and republished.

 At a farbrengen in the Sukkah on the second day of Sukkos 5730, the Rebbe delivered a deep ma’amar, “Uvachamisha Asar,” which dwells on the kabbalistic topic of the G-dly revelations of Sukkos. It was based on the Maamar of the Rebbe Maharash, “Lehavin Shoresh Inyan Makifim D’binah,” which was delivered 100 years earlier, on Sukkos 5630.

The ma’amar was very deep and quite difficult for the average chossid. Certain segments of the handwritten transcript of the ma’amar were quite difficult to understand, to the extent that the original publishers of the ma’amar (in the late 1980s) chose to omit an entire section.

When Lahak published the ma’amar in Toras Menachem, new transcripts were obtained and the ma’amar was revisited. With the additional versions, the difficult section became far more clear, and it was included in the publication. Still, however, it was far from simple.

All this changed in the past few months!

Over recent years, after the passing of the Rebbe’s secretary, Rabbi Leibel Groner, his family members have been painstakingly organizing his archives. In the course of their work, a note was discovered.

Apparently, after that farbrengen, Rabbi Leibel Groner — the Rebbe’s secretary — had submitted a question to the rebbe on the ma’amar, and had received a handwritten response. The explanation was never publicized or published, apparently being overlooked due to the immense workload in the Rebbe’s secretariat during the month of Tishrei.

Upon discovering the note, Rabbi Groner’s family passed it on to Lahak Hanochos, to be deciphered and brought to the benefit of the public.

Lahak’s Maareches, led by chief editor Rabbi Dovid Feldman, sat down to relearn the ma’amar. After painstakingly going through the Rebbe’s explanations, with the help of Rabbi Simcha Yitzchak Zayantz, mashpia in Migdal Ha’emek, they discovered that it shed light on that very section, finally clarifying it and even bringing new understanding to the ma’amar in general.

With the new, illuminating, discovery, it was decided to republish the ma’amar in its entirety in honor of the upcoming Sukkos of this Hakhel year. It will be distributed in hundreds of thousands of copies to Shluchim and in Anash communities around the world.

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