Discover the Essence of Shofar

Looking to make this Rosh HaShanah more meaningful and transformative?  Are you being a baal tokeia in shul or on mivtzo’im? To jumpstart your year, SIE is delighted to unveil a classic maamar on the topic of shofar from their latest project, Lessons in Siddur Im Dach.

To enrich your Rosh HaShanah experience and take it to the next level, Sichos in English is delighted to unveil a timeless maamar from their latest project, an addition to the acclaimed Lessons in Maamorim series, entitled Lessons in Siddur Im Dach, translated and elucidated by Rabbi Elisha Pearl.

One of a Kind

Siddur Im Dach was the very first collection of the Alter Rebbe’s maamarim to be published and features a series of unique maamarim privately conveyed to the Alter Rebbe’s inner circle. With his eloquent pen, the Mitteler Rebbe later transcribed these maamarim, publishing them in the margins of the siddur in the year 5576 (1816). With this exciting new project of Sichos in English, this classic work will now be available for English speakers to access and learn.

Discover the Essence of Shofar

In preparation for Rosh HaShanah 5784, Sichos in English is honored to release a first sample of this important work, Maamar Lehavin Inyan Tekias Shofar. A classic maamar which is also featured in the standard Chabad Machzor, the Rebbeim instructed that every baal tokeia should learn it on Rosh HaShanah morning, and the Rebbe further encouraged everyone else to study it as well. 

While this year the Shofar is only sounded on the second day of Rosh HaShanah due to Shabbos, this maamer’s message also applies to the general nature of Rosh HaShanah as well. 

Beyond providing the translation and basic explanation, Lessons in Siddur Im Dach offers a unique resource. As Rabbi Naftoli Hertz Pewzner, editor-in-chief of this project, puts it, “This new elucidation of the maamar includes a whole wealth of insight into how these ideas were expounded upon by all the Rebbeim. It offers a unique opportunity to gain clarity and appreciation for how Chassidus Chabad illuminates Rosh HaShanah’s true meaning.” 

Accessible Wisdom

For the very first time, this maamar is available in English, presented in a clear and reader-friendly format. Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, Director of SIE, adds, “For many people, even attempting to learn a maamar from the Siddur Im Dach has always been no more than a dream. Baruch Hashem, after a lot of investment, the final product brings this timeless treasure straight into your homes.”

For Everyone

Whether you are blowing the shofar in shul or on mivtzo’im, or whether you are being yotzei the mitzvah on the listening end, this is for you!

Click here to illuminate your Rosh HaShanah and to start off your year on the right note.

Due to the expansive style of this maamer, this preview contains the first half of the maamer. To receive the second installment of this pre-release please subscribe below. 

Ksivah Vachasima Tovah Leshanah Tovah Umesukah! May we be inscribed for a year of Geulah, and may we merit to hear the sounding of the great shofar with the imminent arrival of Mashiach Tzidkeinu!

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