Different Hafatza for Different Places

When R’ Raphael Aron to the Rebbe in yechidus that mitzva tanks were not well received in Australia, the Rebbe told him these guiding words, “Not everything which is done in America must be done in Australia.”

“It’s very hard to run a mitzva tank in Australia,” complained Reb Raphael Aron to the Rebbe at a yechidus. “Some people find them offensive, and there is a lot of local opposition to them.”

After hearing him out, the Rebbe said, “Not everything which is done in America must be done in Australia.” The Rebbe explained that in Australia, people require a more individualistic approach.

“So I shouldn’t do it in Australia?” asked Reb Raphael.

“No, you should do it in Australia,” the Rebbe responded. “But you need to find a way to do it more quietly, without arousing opposition.”

And then the Rebbe said, “It is similar to how one can focus on the mitzva of ahavas Yisroel. There are some who fulfill it in a general sense, by opening chessed organizations and so on. Others fulfill it by forming relationships. Your task is to focus on loving every Yid individually.”

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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