Did You Say Thank You to Your Child’s Teacher?

From the Anash.org inbox: “As the school year comes to a close, parents are certainly very busy preparing their kids for camp. Nevertheless, we must make it a priority to show הכרת הטוב to those who invested so much into our precious children,” a dedicated teacher writes.

By a Crown Heights Teacher 

This week I concluded my 6th year of teaching. 

On the last day of school, I received envelopes from 3 parents from a class of over 20. 

I was not hurt or upset as I know it wasn’t intentional. It was B”H a great year and both the students and the parents were very happy. 

Later in the evening, I sent via WhatsApp, my farewell message to the parents, and received from 2 parents a beautiful message as well as a tip (via CashApp).


Parents are very busy of course (school finishes, and straight on to preparing our children for camp, especially if they are going away to sleep away camp!), nevertheless, we must make it a priority to show הכרת הטוב to those who invested so much into our precious children.


There is a big debate (amongst parents and teachers), which is better, to send the teacher a nice detailed card but with a small tip, or a larger tip with just a “thank you for teaching our child this year”.

Why can’t we do both? 

Think about the splurges we do when we go shopping or the trips that we take our family on, we can afford to give a one-time nice tip to a teacher who invested a year in the Chinuch of our child.

And if we can’t afford to give much, give the best that we can. But value it. 

Aside from the importance of הכרת הטוב, when we show appreciation to to our children’s teachers, it motivates them to do the best that they can do for the sake of our children.


It’s never too late. Recognition is always appreciated. If we haven’t yet, we can still reach out to a teacher of our child, even via WhatsApp, and thank them for the great year they have given our child. 

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