Despite the Bitter Cold, in Lubavitch It Is ‘Warm’

While the weather in Lubavitch has dropped below zero, visiting groups from across Russia continue to flock there to warm themselves by the light of the Rebbeim.

Despite the peak of winter, groups of Yidden from across Russia are traveling to Lubavitch during the week and for Shabbos. There, they are hosted and given accommodations by shliach to Lubavitch’s holy sites, Rabbi Gavriel Gordon.

A group from Rostov, led by shliach Rabbi Chaim Danzinger, took a tour of the rebuilt yeshiva building and davened mincha there.

Another group from the Kostroma community, led by shliach Rabbi Nissan Rufu, braved the cold to visit Lubavitch for Shabbos, and endured temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Also visiting was Rabbi Yitzchok Kogan from Moscow.

When, in 5727, a delegation of elder chassidim entered the Rebbe’s room and asked that the Rebbe limit his time at the Ohel because of the extreme cold, the Rebbe refused and told them that the Ohel is “very warm”…

Photos: Rabbi Gavriel Gordon


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