Despite Devastating Fire, Shluchim Hold Seder for 120 Participants

On Sunday morning, with just 72 hours to Pesach, a fire caused serious damage at Chabad of Foshan, China. But by the time Pesach arrived, the Chabad House was set up to welcome 120 guests. 

By reporter

It was Sunday morning, with just three days left to Pesach, when Rabbi Gadi Louzoun, shliach to Foshan, China, received a terrifying phone call: His Chabad House, which he directs together with his wife, shlucha Mrs. Avigayil Louzoun, was on fire.

“The moments when we ran towards the Chabad house will probably be engraved forever in our memories,” Rabbi Louzon wrote on Facebook.

Arriving at the Chabad House, he discovered that it had sustained serious damage, with various items including tables and chairs destroyed, and walls blackened by smoke and soot. But there was one ray of light amid the darkness. The Aron Kodesh with its Sifrei Torah and the bookshelves of holy seforim were undamaged.

“Seeing that filled out hearts with the feeling that our place is protected and taken care of and the Faithful Shepherd does not leave his flock even in moments of crisis,” Rabbi Louzon wrote.

But now they had to focus on the Pesach seder, which was quickly approaching. Over 100 guests were expected and a solution needed to be found.

“We paid exorbitant amounts of money to put the Chabad House back in use for the Yom Tov,” he wrote.

“Scroll through the photos and you won’t believe that the difference from the hours after the fire and the minutes before Yom Tov began, with set tables ready to welcome 120 guests,” he wrote. ” It was 72 hours of anxiety, difficulty, coping, faith, hope, mutual brotherhood and in the end a great thanks to G-d for His many chassodim.”

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