Dershowitz at Alaskan 30 Years Event: ‘The Rebbe Foresaw It All’

Renowned professor, Alan Dershowitz, was the guest of honor at the Gimmel Tammuz event in Alaska attended by politicians, dignitaries, and community members.

By reporter

A beautiful event was hosted at by Rabbi Yossi Greenberg at the Chabad Community Center in Alaska in honor of thirty years since Gimmel Tammuz. In attendance, were Alaska Senator Mr. Dan Sullivan, Alaska Governor Mr. Mike Dunleavy, Anchorage Mayor Mr. Dave Bronson, Lieutenant Governor Nancy Dahlstrom, Senator Shelley Hughes, and leaders and supporters of the Jewish community in Alaska.

The guest of honor was the renowned lawyer, Professor Alan Dershowitz, who, in his speech, recounted his three meetings with the Rebbe, the bechina the Rebbe gave him in the Tractate Bava Kamma when he was of Bar Mitzvah age, and the correspondence he had with the Rebbe where he realized how the Rebbe foresaw everything and how he was right.

Mr. Dershowitz expressed that he would like his matzeiva to say that he helped build the Chabad House at Harvard University, where he serves, because he believes Chabad is the most important organization for the Jewish people and for university students.

The professor shared that he has particularly seen this since the outbreak of the war on October 7, that without Chabad, the situation on campuses with the pro-Palestinian demonstrations would have been unbearable.

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  1. The leadership of Palestinian terrorist organizations admit that they hoped Israel would overreact. They got what they wanted. They started the war with brutal terrorism. Then kept it going by holding hostages. But, this is not what Israel wanted. Who is committing genocide? Dershowitz is correct here.

    But, Dershowitz supports Trump. Trump has vowed to pardon the Jan 6 neo-nazis. The guy wearing the Camp Aushwitz swearshirt and the Proud Boys–The ADL has labeled Oroud Boys neo-nazis. For Dershowitz to provide cover for neo-nazis is an abomination.

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