Derher to Cover New Bases Next Year

A Chassidisher Derher magazine’s brand new columns will explore classic themes found in the Rebbe’s teachings and feature stories of the Rebbe.

This past year has been laden with challenges. As Rosh Hashanah approaches, we look hopingly towards the new year, ardently wishing for a positive beginning—שתחל שנה וברכותיה—as we so eloquently say in the Yomim Noraim liturgy.

A new year offers fresh opportunities. We ought to take advantage and set off 5781 on the right foot. 

A Chassidisher Derher magazine helps us ensure that our minds are constantly filled with an authentic chassidishe perspective and with the Rebbe’s outlook on life. 

As copies of A Chassidisher Derher are delivered to thousands of homes across the globe ahead of Tishrei, the Derher staff are thrilled to announce the introduction of two brand new columns to be added to the content-packed magazine. 

The first column, “Essential Themes in the Rebbe’s Torah” will engage the reader with some of the hallmark subjects often repeated and expounded upon in the Rebbe’s sichos. Themes like “תורת אמת—תורת חיים,” the Torah of truth, the Torah of life—a guide for our life; or “המעשה הוא העיקר”, action is the most important thing.

Students of the Rebbe’s Torah will typically hear these “buzz-words” time and again in their learning, often not appreciating the full depth of the concepts at hand. This new column is sure to be enjoyed by scholars and laymen alike, and will invoke greater and more inspired learning in the future.

The second column is, “Stories of the Rebbe.” It’s that simple. Wouldn’t you love to read a short story of the Rebbe to your children at bedtime, or to your guests at the Shabbos table? The timeless messages of these stories are always timely, and they serve to help us keep the Rebbe ever-present in our own lives and the lives of our families.  

Of course, you would hate to be left out, that’s why we have been working tirelessly to make it extremely easy for you to subscribe to A Chassidisher Derher! Subscribe today to join the thousands of Lubavitcher families who already live with and thoroughly enjoy the Derher magazine each month. 

Wishing all of our readers, current and future, a כתיבה וחתימה טובה לשנה טובה ומתוקה.

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