Derher Series to Explore Mental Wellness

Recent events have brought matters of mental health to the forefront of our minds. A new daily WhatsApp series by A Chassidisher Derher will bring selections of the Rebbe’s advice on dealing with mental wellbeing.

“You write that your grandmother’s thoughts are filled with disturbing and frightening images:

…Before retiring for the evening, she should read or have read to her — depending on her health — stories from our holy Rebbeim, as well as stories of chassidim in general…”

Schizophrenia, hypochondria, anxiety and depression. We have grown accustomed to hearing these terms in recent years, and at times we may think that they are recent phenomena. But the truth is that these issues have been with us for a while.

As always, perusal of the Rebbe’s teachings offers insight and clarity, giving us the Torah perspective on how to deal with many mental health challenges.

Beginning on Sunday, 19 Teves, A Chassidisher Derher will begin a series of daily WhatsApp messages selections of the Rebbe’s advice on dealing with mental health and wellness.

To subscribe to the Derher WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp: +1 (718) 305-6859 or click here and add this number to your contacts.

If you already receive the Derher WhatsApps, there’s no need to subscribe again.

For an in-depth compilation of the Rebbe’s letters and sichos on mental health and wellness, see Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit by Rabbi Sholom Ber Wineberg, published by Sichos in English.

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