Derher Produces Hachana Magazine for Anash Communities

As Chassidim prepare to mark Gimmel Tammuz Shloshim Shana, A Chassidishe Derher is publishing a stunning special edition magazine that will be distributed free of charge to Anash communities around the world.

Today marks the first day of the שלושת ימי הגבלה, when the Yidden prepared themselves for the monumental revelation of Matan Torah.

As Chassidim, this day marks the beginning of a preparation of a different kind. Exactly one month from today, will be Gimmel Tammuz.

Every year as this date approaches, a sense of yearning stirs within every Chossid’s heart. 

This year, however, the 30th anniversary touches the core of every Chossid with renewed intensity.

To enhance our hachana as the community of Chassidim, Derher has produced a stunning Special Edition Magazine.

This special edition is based on the Rebbe’s farbrengen of Yud Shevat 5723, where the Rebbe lays out in great detail how through our avoda today the Rebbe lives on in a very real way, even years after the histalkus

The magazines will be delivered to thousands of subscribers across the globe along with the Tammuz magazine.

On top of that, Derher is offering copies of this special edition free of charge to Chabad communities around the world.

To order copies of this special edition for your shul/community (or Bungalow colony), click here.

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