Derher Offering Free Tishrei Issue

A Chassidisher Derher has announced that their newest issue—Tishrei 5782—will be available as a free trial for all. The toichen-packed issue can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

To help you have an inspiring Tishrei, the staff at Derher are offering this free resource to Anash, with the hope that it will enhance your yomim tovim and infuse them with a connection to the Rebbe throughout.

The new issue includes a 17-page feature article describing the unforgettable Tishrei with the Rebbe 30 years ago, in 5752.

Alongside this story are featured articles on the Rebbe and the IDF and an in-depth exploration of Shemitta.

This year’s magazines also introduce two new columns to your Derher experience in every issue:

Hamaseh Hu Ha’iker- Practical hora’os from the Rebbe pertaining to the dates of each month.

Gems- Original and unfiltered snippets of interest from a treasure trove of archival materials.

A recent survey of Derher readers indicated that among the top benefits the readership appreciates from a Derher subscription is a stronger sense of hiskashrus and the feeling of living with the Rebbe.

In describing the publication, one reader said: “Derher makes me feel like the Rebbe is speaking to me, like I am there in 770.” “Derher helps my and my family’s hiskashrus at so many different levels,” said another.

Derher doesn’t take you back in time. It makes you live with the Rebbe today!

Wouldn’t you like some of that?

Get your free copy here!

*Only available in the USA

Click here for a preview.

Join thousands of subscribers and have the monthly magazine delivered to your doorstep for a complete A Chassidisher Derher experience:

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