Derher Focuses on Torah-Exclusive Education

With schools restarting, this month’s Derher explores the Rebbe’s stance on the most consequential responsibility we have as parents: being mechanech our children al taharas hakodesh.

As the new school year begins, we are reminded that educating our children in the ways of Torah and Chassidus is the most important responsibility Hashem has given us in this world.

This month, the Derher Magazine presents an overview of the Rebbe’s wish for children to be educated al taharas hakodesh. In one emotional farbrengen, the Rebbe articulated:

“Some people think that they can outsmart Hashem; instead of using the tools that Hashem gave us for success, in Torah, they will look for their own methods of success—to study English—and then they will be successful. They must remember: Hashem created the world 5,714 years ago. Since then, he has been running it as he wishes, according to Torah, and he will continue to do so!

“Hashem gave the Torah to the Yidden over 3,000 years ago, and our batlanishe nation that does not learn grammar, etc. is standing strong! All the other nations, with all their chachmos, are gone. The Yidden, the batlanishe nation that has no chachmos and no expertise in the ways of the world—are standing strong, holding on to the Torah! 

“Thus, the argument that these studies will benefit them has no standing… Yet the parents come and steal years of their children’s lives! What right do they have to steal their children’s years! Is that why Hashem gave you children, so that you can take from their lives?! If you can’t overcome your yetzer hara, should you be putting that on the lives of your children?!”

Read all about this subject and much more in this month’s Derher magazine.

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