Dedi Graucher, 62, AH

Dedi Graucher, a beloved singer whose songs were among the mainstays of Jewish music for many years, passed away after a lengthy illness.


Dedi Graucher, a beloved singer whose songs were among the mainstays of Jewish music for many years, passed away after a lengthy illness.

He was 62 years old.

Dedi was born on 15 Av, 5721, a son of R’ Yeshayahu Yechiel Meir Graucher, who passed away when Dedi was young. His mother, Tzipora, passed away when Dedi was 16.

Over 20 years ago, Dedi occupied a place of prominence as one of the most beloved Jewish performers. With his various health challenges, he ceased performing.

As a young boy, Dedi studied at the yeshiva in Givat Shmuel. There, he was part of a children’s choir. Later, he continued his studies at the Kfar HaRoeh Yeshiva, where he became close to the rosh yeshiva, rav Moshe Zvi Neriah.

He married his wife, Mrs. Malka Devorah, who stood by his side throughout his life, and together they built a beautiful family.

Dedi’s musical journey began when he was a young child. In an interview, he recounted, “One evening, I went to a wedding where Mona Rosenblum’s orchestra was playing, and the singer was Shmuel Bruner. I was inspired by them and thought, ‘Maybe I can also become a singer one day.’ That’s how it all started. Shortly after that, still as a child, I began singing at weddings and events. During that time, Yigal Calek arrived in Israel and founded a choir, and I joined it along with Akiva Margaliot, Yisrael Rand, and others. With Yigal Calek and the choir, we performed in Israel and many places abroad. I remember one performance as a child in Brooklyn College, New York, where I sang ‘Kol B’rama Nishma.’”

Later, Dedi continued his musical career with Camp Agudah Toronto, and from there, he moved to New York, where he joined Mordechai Ben David and Ding, who brought Dedi into the studio for the recording of the “Vechol Ma’aminim” album of Mordechai Ben David.

In the musical realm, his partnership with composer Yossi Green, which began with the album “Rotzah,” catapulted Dedi to the forefront of Chassidic music, making him one of the leading singers alongside Mordechai Ben David and Avraham Fried.

One of Dedi’s biggest hits was the song “Ki Heim Chayeinu,” composed by Rabbi Baruch Chait, along with “Lecha Etein” composed by Mona Rosenblum, along with other major hits like “Hu Yigal” and “Vekovei Hashem.”

Throughout the years, Dedi performed alongside noted singers like Mordechai Ben David and Avraham Fried, with composer Yossi Green and others, at massive concerts around the world. In the 1996 Israeli elections, Dedi was part of a huge production at the Yarkon Park, a concert featuring Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, Yossi Green, and Dedi himself, which attracted a crowd of around 150,000 people.

In addition to his musical career, Dedi used his connections to engage in acts of tzedakah and chesed. For example, he was always available to HASC and was also involved in establishing “Ornit” and other organizations.

Dedi was also a member of the Zichron Menachem organization, dedicated to the memory of Menachem Erental, and he recorded the song “Menachem” in his memory.

Dedi was always willing to sing for the sick or various organizations, even during periods when he focused on other aspects of life and stepped away from the music scene.

During those years, whenever Dedi heard of a new singer who admired his music and his path, he would reach out to encourage them and stress the importance of being mekadeish Sheim Shomayim through their work, emphasizing the role of music in supporting limud haTorah.

Dedi’s friends describe him as a man who was always full of joy and humor, despite his many hardships. His happiness was infectious, and he brought joy to everyone around him. He was a true ish hachessed.

Five years ago, Dedi was rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness. For several days, he was unresponsive and in critical condition. However, he gradually recovered and improved, although he remained weak. In recent weeks, his condition deteriorated until his neshamah returned to its Creator today while he was surrounded by his loving family.

He is survived by his wife and their children, including his son, R’ Shai Graucher, a noted mechaber seforim.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

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  1. I met Dedi in Geneva Switzerland in 1990 during a business trip
    we clicked right away sharing our love for music. we became friends and the following year 1991 I brought Dedi to Miami to perform at my son Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah.
    I believe this was the first time he performed in the US. I basically was the first person to have brought him to the US
    we were friends for a while then life takes it’s course
    Dedi should have a lichtigen Gan Eden
    he was a great and fantastic YID

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