Death Toll Rises to 800, Infiltrators Cross From Lebanon

The death toll from the deadly terror attack on Shabbos has risen to 800. The IDF says a number of suspects infiltrated into Israeli territory from Lebanon.

Multiple suspects have reportedly crossed into northern Israel from Lebanon this afternoon (Monday).

The infiltration zone is between the Bedouin village of Aramsha and the Adamit kibbutz in the western Galilee.

Security forces were dispatched to search for the infiltrators, and an attack helicopter was dispatched to the area.

Two of the infiltrators were eliminated after they were located, possibly from an explosive. Security forces were engaged in a shootout with a third terrorist.

Israelis fear that the Hezbollah terrorist organization will join the war launched by Hamas against Israel on Saturday morning, as both terror groups are Iranian proxies. More than 800 people were killed in Hamas’ surprise attack on southern Israel.

On Sunday, Hezbollah launched multiple rockets against Israel. The IDF responded with artillery strikes on Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon.

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