Daughter Raises Funds While Her Father Focuses On Healing

Yisroel Duato survived a horrible car crash and was left paralyzed from the waist down. His daughter Sara is raising funds to help her parents cover costs while her father focuses on healing.

Hi, my name is Sara Duato, and on behalf of my siblings, I am fundraising money to help my parents cover costs while my father recovers from a horrific accident.

October 20, 2021, my father was in a terrible accident. He was hit by a drunk driver, going well over the speed limit. My father was driving for Uber at the time, and thank G-d his passenger was able to walk away from the crash with only a few scratches.

My father was not as fortunate. Hearing about the details of the accident, we are lucky he is even alive. His spine fractured on impact, and he lost all functioning from the waist down. We have been holding on to hope that he will walk again while he recovers in the hospital.

We were all so grateful and relieved that my dad had ride-share insurance and uninsured policies, and we would not have to worry about money so my dad could focus on getting better. The driver who rear-ended my dad was driving on a suspended license and did not have any car insurance. Unfortunately, things are not going to be as simple as we expected them to be. Insurance is now denying the claim.

My father is an incredibly hard worker. He puts his head down and does what he needs to do to provide for his family. My father worked two jobs to cover the bills, allowing my parents to stay above debt lines. My dad is working just as hard at recovering from this accident. When his PT says, “we’re going to do 15 reps,” he pushes to 20.

Litigation will take years for a possible verdict for the insurance to be forced to cover the expenses caused by this accident. We need to move my dad home ASAP, but before he can go home, we need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, so my dad can actually transport home and go to his therapies. The house also needs to be modified to be wheelchair accessible.

Since my father is paralyzed from the waist down, he needs to be turned every 2 hours and needs assistance transferring from bed to wheelchair. This means he needs full-time care. Since insurance is denying coverage, these costs are coming out of pocket, and my parents do not have that money. We are asking for our community of friends and strangers to give what they can to help my parents cover these costs.

We thank you for every cent you donate.

Thank you,
The Duatos

Click here to donate now: https://gofund.me/be5f8dc7

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