Dancing Continues After Midnight Tehillim

Photos: David Katash/Anash.org

In accordance with the Rebbe’s sicha in 5743, bochurim continued dancing after concluding the entire Tehillim on the eve of Hoshana Rabba.

By Anash.org reporter

In 5743, the Rebbe said in a sicha that Simchas Beis Hashoeva dancing should continue after Tehillim on Hoshana Rabba. This year, a group of bochurim made it happen.

In the 5743 sicha, the Rebbe notes the limited time available for dancing on the night of Hoshana Rabba, when there is a lot to do.

“Therefore, the limited time mused be utilized for Simchas Beis Hashovea, both before reciting ‘Mishna Torah’, between Mishna Torah and Tehillim…and after saying Tehillim,” the Rebbe said.

However, the “official” Simchas Beis Hashoeva on Kingston Ave. concludes at 12:45 AM before Tehillim, and does not resume afterwards. So a group of bochurim decided to continue the dancing in front of 770.

A band was arranged, and dancing began at approximately 2:30 AM. Unfortunately, the police shut down the band due to the noise, but the crowd continued to sing and dance for a long time, into the early hours of the morning.

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  1. this is the 5th consecutive year that there is dancing from after Tehillim until the morning

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