Dallas’s Largest Shabbos Meal Unites Community Under The Stars

500 Young Jewish Professionals gathered in Griggs Park, a natural oasis nestled in Dallas’s city center, to celebrate Shabbos in an exploding display of Jewish pride.

Griggs Park, a natural oasis nestled in Dallas’s city center, hosted a historic display of Jewish Pride as 500 young Jewish Professionals gathered for a grand Shabbat dinner. Organized by The Intown Chabad, The mega Shabbat took place at the iconic public park in the heart of Dallas showcasing the community’s strength in the current climate.

“The scale of the event blew over all our guests,” said Chase Fagen, 24, who helped organize the event and co-hosted a table. “Sitting there in the heart of Dallas, proudly overlooking the iconic skyline, really brought home the message that we are stronger together as a unit, and must continue to be confident in our Judaism.”

Having moved from Florida a few years ago, Chase became an active member of Intown Chabad Young Professionals and watched it expand. Dallas’s promise of a business-friendly environment, a high quality of life, and an appealing climate has attracted an influx of university graduates and young entrepreneurs like him.

What they may not expect though, is the robust young Jewish community they are met with, and ultimately fall in love with.

“There are non-stop events at Intown Chabad, intimate Shabbat meals for smaller groups, classes, networking events, something for everyone,” explains Intown Chabad community member and attorney Daniel Gordon. “I took the opportunity to host a few tables and bring together my network in this communal-wide event, which was uplifting for all. Seeing people from such diverse backgrounds united by a common heritage reminded us of the strength of our local Jewish community”

Tables were immaculately laid in the expanse of the tree-lined park. As the sun set and candles were lit, local media in attendance were asked to turn off their cameras, and the already assembled crowd took their seats for a moving prayer service. A delicious catered meal was then served and conversation among friends new and old lasted late into the night.

Recently returned from the frontlines of the current Israeli-Hamas war, local entrepreneur Mr. Daniel Precker addressed the assembly. He explained that in the field, soldiers rely on one another for moral support, and he often felt called upon to uplift his fellows. As a lone soldier from the USA, he had the advantage of hundreds of messages of support from family and friends which he was able to rely on as his rock when encouraging others.

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  1. Shulchan aruch alter rebbe orach chaim 336:9:
    וטוב שלאכול כלל בגינה אם ישתמש שם עם מיםמפני שבקושי יוכל לזהר שלא יפול שם מעט מים

  2. relax, look at the fact so many people gathered for shabbos, not everything needs to be criticized.

    1. Its not allowed to eat over grass on Shabbos. Event looks beautiful but im sure they didnt realize, and hope others should not cha”v follow suit

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