Daily Study Program Invites Participants for Fourth Cycle

After having enabled Crown Heights residents to study and complete three Masechtas, the Toras Chaim study program is launching the study of the fourth Masechta and is encouraging locals to join.

Participants in the Toras Chaim program have just completed Maseches Eiruvin, and are excited to be starting the new Mesechta. For a number of participants, it will now be the fourth Mesechta the program has encouraged and enabled them to learn.

With an easy to follow schedule, and realistic goals, Toras Chaim provides a structure and motivation for consistent learning. Following this program, participants will be able to complete Maseches Pesochim (the new Mesechta about to begin) in just about a year.

There will be monthly tests, as well as questions on the Gemoro learned in the previous months for those who choose. Stipends are awarded to those scoring certain marks on each section independently. 

The learning schedule also comes along with many shiurim to listen to on your own schedule, these Shiurim make it easy to understand and remember the Gemoro with a geshmak.

Thanks to our partner, Merkaz Halacha, who is committed to strengthening Limud HaTorah, we are continuing the Torah Chaim program, and Mesechta Pesochim will be starting this coming monday (you can start at any time though).

On these auspicious days concluding the month of Elul, and starting the new year with the month of Tishrei when it is the custom to take new hachlotos for the coming year, it is the most appropriate that Chassidim strengthen fixed times for Limud HaTorah, here’s an opportunity for YOU to take part!

Start today!

To sign up visit yagdiltorah.org/toraschaim2 or call 347.223.5943

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