Daily Sota Shiur Combines Bavli and Yerushalmi

A unique shiur given by Rabbi Dovid Caytak combining the daf in Talmud Bavli and Talmud Yerushalmi is currently in the middle of Maseches Sota.

Rabbi Dovid Caytak’s Daf Yomi shiur which is held daily on Zoom is now in the middle of Maseches Sota with the Bavl and Yerushalmi.

The shiur is given in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. The daily classes are held live on Zoom at 10 am EST, and for the participants of the shiur, there is a recording sent out after the live class is over. 

“Learning a Daf of Bavli alone is a tremendous undertaking, but learning the Masechta with both the Bavli and the Yerushalmi together takes the learning to an entirely different level,” Rabbi Caytak said.

“Many times the same Sugya or story can be brought in both Gemaras with a slightly different twist or an extra word that can shed light or answer a question.

You can watch a sample recording of the first daf in both the Bavli and Yerushalmi by clicking here. The passcode is: #76%dVyc

Everyone is welcome to join, for more information you can contact, [email protected]

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