Daily Learning Program is Made for the Working Man

A daily Gemara study program is the perfect opportunity for working men a chance to join structured learning, with incentives and a clear goal in sight. Join now as they start a new masechta.

Finding time for learning every day can be a challenge. With busy schedules and hectic lives, many who would like to make Torah part of their lives find it difficult to remain consistent.

The Toras Chaim program, a project of Merkoz Halacha, is tailored especially for those who have the desire to learn but need an extra push and motivation to keep them on track. Besides for the structure that the program gives, a monetary incentive is also offered.

The program was designed to make consistent learning easy and achievable. Learn 1 amud per day, 5 days per week and complete the entire Masechta of Sukka in 6 months!

The program was originally launched for residents of Crown Heights, but has since been expanded to everyone in the United States.

Any member of Anash in the United States can join the program, and take the tests.

Here are a few testimonials from members of Anash that are currently taking part in the program:

Thanks to the monthly learning מסגרת, my chavrusa and I have been learning Gemora daily for 4+ years. – Mendy Cheruff

The learning and monthly tests have brought such a positive impact to my day and a commitment to learning. – Mendy Goldberg

Joining this program has brought significant structure to my day and to my learning, and my children get to see their tatty learns Torah regularly. – Tzviki Wolvovsky

This study & test framework has been the driving force for 3+ years in my learning Gemara every day. – Mendy Naparstek

This coming Wednesday, Gimmel Shvat, the program will be starting Maseches סוכה and those that join will be able to finish the entire Masechta in under 6 months, so join today!

Sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/TorasChaimSign-up

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