Daily Igros Broadcast Transforms Lives

“The Rebbe is guiding me through the letters that you are sending,” a grateful participant told Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, creator of a daily broadcast of the Rebbe’s letters.

By Anash.org reporter

Three months ago, Anash.org announced the launch of a new WhatsApp group broadcasting letters from the Rebbe on a daily basis.

Creator of the broadcast, Rabbi Gershon Avtzon of Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, shared some incredible feedback he’s received since the project’s inception.

“I mamash feel like the Rebbe is guiding me through the letters that you are sending,” one participant enthused. “Keep going!”

“The daily Igros has made such a difference in my life!” another user shared. “This is the greatest gift for us, that we can live with the Rebbe in such a way! Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!”

These responses are feedback from real people – like you – who have signed up to receive the “Igros Yomi – Daily Igros” broadcast. Every day, a letter of the Rebbe – in Hebrew and English – is sent to hundreds of people worldwide.

The broadcast is a tremendous source of chizuk, guidance and connection.
Click here to receive the “Daily Igros” or message ‘Subscribe’ to ‘Daily Igros’ +1 (513) 399-7916.

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