Daily Gemara Program is Geared for the Working Man

Finding time for learning every day can be a challenge. The Toras Chaim program is tailored to solve exactly that issue and to give a structure to daily Gemara study.

Finding time for learning every day can be a challenge. With busy schedules and hectic lives, many who would like to make learning Torah part of their lives find it difficult to remain consistent.

Especially due to the situation in Eretz Yisroel, many are looking for ways to increase in daily Torah learning in a practical and meaningful way.

The Toras Chaim program, a project of Merkoz Halacha, is tailored for exactly that, giving that extra push and motivation to keep you on track in your learning goals. It’s a structured learning program with monthly tests that also provides a monetary incentive.

The program was designed to make consistent learning easy and achievable. Learn 1 amud per day, 5 days per week and complete Maseches Beitza in 4 months!

Best of all, you learn it on your own daily schedule.

Any member of Anash in the United States can join the program and take the tests.

Here’s what some Anash have expressed after joining the program:

“Thanks to the monthly learning מסגרת, my chavrusa and I have been learning Gemora daily for 4+ years” or “The learning and monthly tests have brought such a positive impact to my day and a commitment to learning”.

This coming Tuesday, Beis Cheshvan, the program will be starting Maseches ביצה and those that join will be able to finish the Masechta in 4 months.

So join today!

Sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/TorasChaimSign-up

There is an easy monthly written test (that can be taken via email for those living out of CH) once a month.

Also, if you join the program, learn B’Chavrusa and pass the tests – you’ll receive an extra monetary bonus on top of the monthly stipend.

So again, sign up here to receive all updates, schedules and test info:


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