Daily Chassidus Study Completes Likkutei Torah Sefer Vayikra

Hundreds of Anash completed the study of Likkutei Torah Sefer Vayikra, learning a daf each day with the recently-launched “Project Likkutei Torah” initiative, with the goal of completing Torah Or and Likkutei Torah in one year.

Mazel Tov to over 400 members of Anash that have just completed the study of every page of Likkutei Torah sefer Vayikra!

Project Likkutei Torah is a grassroots initiative launched 4 months ago to learn one daf of Torah Ohr / Likkutei Torah, the “Chassidishe Parsha,” each day, while learning an additional daf of Likkutei Torah Shir Hashirim each Shabbos. 

Following this study one will complete the entire Torah Or and Likkutei Torah in roughly one year!

“I’ve always wanted to learn through Torah Ohr/Likutei Torah. Learning only on Shabbos was limiting and I usually was able to finish about one Maamer per Parsha. With Project Likkutei Torah, having the daily schedule has made completing the Parsha much more successful” – Says Yossi F. of Crown Heights.

The Rebbe suggested many times including parshas Chayei Sara 5752 that Chassidim make a goal to complete the entire Torah Or & Likkutei Torah. 

This Project is making this learning cycle more approachable and accessible by creating detailed daf overview shiurim and short daf summaries, shared via various podcasts and online videos, in addition to curating summaries and daf with nekudos from other sources clearly presented in an accessible cloud drive. 

Rabbi Yakov Werde of Pamona, NY says “I have been learning and am deeply inspired by Torah HaChassidus for almost 50 years.

“A few months back, I committed to and joined Project Likkutei Torah and invested 30 minutes each early morning before shachris to study the Daf. Having a fixed daily quota and being part of an international initiative motivates and guides my efforts. The mamarim provide so much to think about and contemplate before davening

“I recommend this project to every individual with the skills and desire to enrich their lives and enrich their relationship with the Creator.”

Link to join the WhatsApp group

If that group is full you can join here:

Project Likkutei Torah has a very impressive lineup up prestigious maggidei shiurim including: 

Rabbi Aryeh Citron, Surfside, FL

Rabbi Mendy Cohen, Sacramento, CA

Rabbi Yaakov Cahnman, Temecula, CA

Rabbi Baruch Epstein, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Yehuda Fenton, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Choni Friedman, Pittsburgh, PA

Rabbi Dovid Leib Shmerling, Melbourne, Australia 

Rabbi Shmuel Weinstein, Pittsburgh, PA 

The reason learning Torah Ohr & Likkutei Torah is so appealing is that the Rebbe refers to it as the Torah Shebaal Peh (Oral Torah) of Chassidus. Additionally, the Tzemach Tzedek says that he took the best of the Alter Rebbe’s maamorim for publication in Torah Ohr / Likkutei Torah.

“I am blown away with the excitement and positive feedback about this project” says Yaakov Cahnman, Project Manager.

Yasher koach to Rabbi Avrohom Rotban and his organization Irgun Torah for assistance in the promotion of this project.

“Over the next year, PLT’s goal is to enhance our website, www.ProjectLikkuteiTorah.com, with classes and resources for every day, every mammer and every parsha. We are also working on a Hebrew version as well as a 3 year cycle. Stay tuned for more details bezras Hashem,” says Rabbi Betzalel Bassman, who spearheaded this project in memory of his mother, Feiga bas Betzalel Hakohen Bassman.

Financial partners are required to help with the continued growth. Please reach out for partnership and dedication opportunities.

To get involved in this project contact Rabbi Yaakov Cahnman, at [email protected].

The initiative is generously sponsored in part by Rabbi Meyer and Shaindy Gutnick, and is in collaboration with Irgun Torah. 

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