Daily Chassidus Study Completes Alter Rebbe’s Torah Ohr

Hundreds of Anash just completed the first round of Torah Ohr in the newly-launched  “Project Likkutei Torah”,  culminating with the  Maamar, “Al Kein…” in the hosafos of Torah Ohr Megillas Esther.

As hundreds of Anash complete the first round of Torah Ohr in the newly-launched  “Project Likkutei Torah”,  culminating with the  Maamar, “Al Kein…” in the hosafos of Torah Ohr Megillas Esther the the first bombs were dropped on Ukranian soil. 

“The Maamar “Al Kein” of the Alter Rebbe is the basis for our Rebbe’s Maamar of Purim 5713…” noted Rabbi Mendy Cohen, distinguished Maggid Shiur for Project Likkutei Torah (PLT). 

“What incredible hashgocha protis: Right after Putin invades Ukraine, the birthplace of Chassidus, our ‘daf yomi’ cycle of Torah Ohr / Likkutei Torah has us learning the very maamar that 7 generations later would “kill” Stalin!” marveled Rabbi Betzalel Bassman, Director of PLT.

More on  the Maamar’s historical role leading to Stalin’s death can be found in the article below: 

The Miracle of Stalin’s Death – Jewish History

This new “Daf-Yomi style” initiative fulfills the Rebbe’s Hora’ah of learning the entire Torah Ohr and Likkutei Torah over the course of a year. Since the launching of PLT on Yud-Tes Kislev, hundreds of Anash have completed the daily study of Torah Ohr, and began Likkutei Torah this Monday, 4 Adar Sheini.

“Now, we are embarking on the second phase of PLT,  covering the entire sefer Likkutei Torah one daf per day, with an additional daf of Shir Hashirim each Shabbos. There is no better time to join!” enthuses Rabbi Yaakov Cahnman, Manager of PLT.

Whether it’s  5 minutes a day or 25 minutes, you can complete an entire Daf (4 columns) daily with the project’s 4 podcasts, YouTube channel, or carefully arranged cloud drive. Join one of our multiple WhatsApp groups for additional daily resources.

Join our Whatsapp group here https://chat.whatsapp.com/Fa3jciGaSDR8AHo3NIceCv

Our group of dedicated Maggidei Shiur include:

Rabbi Mendy Cohen, Sacramento, CA

Rabbi Yaakov Cahnman, Temecula, CA

Rabbi Baruch Epstein, Chicago, IL

Rabbi Yehuda Fenton, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Choni Friedman, Pittsburgh, PA

Rabbi Dovid Leib Shmerling, Melbourne, Australia 

Rabbi Shmuel Weinstein, Pittsburgh, PA 

For the first time in Chabad history, there are classes on every Maamar of Megilas Esther! This Purim, fulfill ad dlo yada with the words of the Alter Rebbe: 

Here is a folder with shiurim on every mammer on Megilas Esther including the Hosofos

Over the next year, PLT’s goal is to enhance our website, www.ProjectLikkuteiTorah.com, with classes and resources on every day, every mammer and every parsha.

Project Likkutei Torah is dedicated in loving memory of Rabbi Bassman’s mother, Feiga bas Betzalel HaKohen a”h. The initiative is generously sponsored in part by Rabbi Meyer and Shaindy Gutnick, and is in collaboration with Irgun Torah. 

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