Daily Broadcast Will Help Listen to the Message of the Candles

In 5748, the Rebbe utilized each night of the Chanukah menorah lighting as a unique and unprecedented Hakhel opportunity. Get a nightly message to your phone, reliving those moments.

As the house fills with the warmth and light of the Chanukah menorah, the candles shine brightly. If you listen, you’ll realize that the candles aren’t just exuding outward light. The flames are talking to your soul. 

As you watch the candles burning, you might hear the candles say something like this:

Dear Yid, 

The message of Chanukah is that the candles’ glow should penetrate within and reflect outward. Inside, you contain a light with the goal of sharing that light with others, and ultimately, illuminating the world.”

The candles’ sage message is also apparent in the halachos associated with Chanukah. The Chanukah details include elements that highlight the importance of spreading and internalizing the messages of Chanukah, like lighting at the doorpost and increasing in candles each day. 

In 5748, the Rebbe highlighted how the central themes of both Chanukah and Hakhel are intrinsically one. Both of these occasions encourage a sense of publicity, gathering, and most importantly, both events promote internalizing the light of Torah. With the goal of internalization at the forefront, the Rebbe utilized each night of the Chanukah menorah lighting gatherings of 5748 as a unique and unprecedented Hakhel opportunity to impart to all those present the invaluable Chanukah nuggets gleaned from the various aspects of Chanukah.

This Chanukah, Sichos in English is here to help you hear, learn, and internalize the message of the candles and the lessons of Chanukah. Sign up — via whatsapp— to receive a daily Chanukah message on each night of Chanukah and have quality learning content sent straight to your phone. Be inspired nightly by practical and informational content adapted from the Rebbe’s Chanukah messages of 5748.

Each message is crafted from elements of Chanukah and relays an illuminating insight and relevant Chanukah message. The learning was prepared with the goal of inspiring its learners to learn, internalize, and spread the mitzvah of Chanukah fulfilling the dual directives of Pirsumei Nissa and Hakhel. Learning these Chanukah nuggets is sure to enable an upgraded Chanukah experience. 

As you watch the increasing candles of the Chanukah menorah aflame, hear the message of the candles, and let your soul speak:

Dear candles,

Please shine your light on me and help me internalize the messages of these auspicious days, so that they penetrate the depths of my soul. May the messages touch my inner core, so I can reflect them onto the world.

May each of us glean inspiration from the Chanukah learning, thereby internalizing the messages of Chanukah and Hakhel. May we have the strength to dispel the darkness of the world and illuminate the entire world, bringing Mashiach now!

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