CYP Reencounter Announces Celebrity Guests

In the week since registration opened, young Jews from around the globe have already joined, setting the tone for an unprecedented number of young professionals speculated to join this year.

A large percentage of today’s young Jewish adults have never experienced a Chassidic Shabbos, a Shabbos that is mesmerizing and intimate while being grounded and communal. Such an encounter can have concrete and long-lasting effects on a person. A group of Chabad Young Professional (CYP) Shluchim have created this unique opportunity.

The Shluchim have organized a Shabbos where every Shliach, even those not officially “CYP Shluchim,” can bring their young adults to the weekend of a lifetime, a weekend of reconnecting. The Shabbaton is promised to be filled with transformative moments, insightful lectures, and uplifting experiences, laced with CYP’s finesse and spirit. 

While on their own most Chabad Houses do not have the resources to arrange high-end weekend retreats, hosting world-renowned authors, influencers, and musicians, Shluchim are now being offered this extraordinary opportunity. 

In the week since registration opened, many young Jews from communities around the globe have already joined, setting the tone for an unprecedented number of young professionals speculated to join this year.

The CYP team has recently published the program for their Shabbaton, and its features are top of the line. 

Nissim Black, the once gang member and gangsta rapper, is now an African-American Chassidic Jew who brings sharp beats and hooked-filled rhymes to the masses. Nissim has shared his story with audiences worldwide, leaning on his life experiences to teach a unique message. If any Jew has witnessed life on all ends of the spectrum and has cultivated a message to share with today’s youth, it is Nissim Black. Nissim will be the guest entertainer, performing a live concert.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson needs no introduction in the Chabad world. He is the prolific author of Towards a Meaningful Life, a sought-after lecturer, and a popular Youtube channel host. In addition, he is the director of The Meaningful Life Center, the “Spiritual Starbucks,” as it is referred to by the New York Times. Rabbi Jacobson will be leading workshops focused on how to foster meaningful lives and relationships, especially as the world heals from the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 

Michal Oshman is the current Head of Company Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion at TikTok Europe. She was formerly responsible for international leadership and team development at Facebook. Michal is a Baalas Teshuva who has dedicated her life to teaching spirituality and direction to today’s modern millennial world. She has absorbed the Chabad teaching that imperfection is a positive tool for growth. She will be flying down from London, where she currently resides, to share a message she feels is especially important for today’s young Jewish professionals. 

 If you are a Shliach that connects with young Jewish professionals, even if you are not dubbed as a “CYP Shliach,” you are invited to utilize the opportunity to engage your young community members in an all-immersive Shabbos experience. 

“Early Bird” specials are currently available, so seize the opportunity. 

For any questions or info regarding group rates, please reach out to encounter@chabadyoung.  

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