Custom Built Truck Brings Chassidus to Bungalow Colonies

A new custom built truck has been circulating bungalow colonies in Upstate New York, offering seforim of Chassidus to purchase or borrow. Organizers are calling it “the Mitzvah Tank of the future”.

Machon Or HaChassidus is proud to unveil the Mitzvah Tank of the future, a revolutionary approach to Mivtzoyim and Hafatzos Hamaayanos: The Chassidus Mobile!

The Chassidus Mobile’s magnificent LED exterior is outshined only by the brilliant light of the Sifrei Chassidus that it contains within. 

The Seforim inside the Chassidus Mobile will be available for individuals to either purchase or borrow, with a full refund given to them upon their return of the Sefer within the allotted time frame.

They can choose to learn from the cherished sefer and then return it to move onto another. Or, they can choose to keep the sefer and learn from it again and again!

The Chassidus Mobile will be manned with a group of knowledgeable staff who will be on hand to offer any practical guidance or to answer any questions that a customer might have about the subject matter that they are learning.

This summer, the Chassidus Mobile will make its way throughout New York and New Jersey – making hundreds of stops in various communities, bungalow colonies and camps, bringing the light of Chassidus to thousands of individuals!

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