Curriculum Teaches Chassidus for Kids

Chassidus for Kids, founded by Mushka Blau, provides a curriculum to teach Chassidus to children aged 6-10 years old, with beautiful songs, eye catching powerpoints, and interactive worksheets and games to go along with the learning.

Yud Tes Kislev is here… It’s time to spread Chassidus everywhere, especially to children!

The Rebbe’s Sichos provides the answers for childrens’ life questions. It helps our youth understand their place here and fills them up with the light of Chassidus. “Chassidus for Kids” to date, has over 500 families and teachers already gaining access to and using their high quality Chassidus materials, all free of charge. Mushka Blau, founder of Chassidus for Kids started this Mivtza, so that Chassidus can spread even farther than it has until now.

Created for young children, ages 6-10 years, the materials are loved by young and old. “Children enjoy sharing the Chassidus they learn and are excited to apply the Rebbe’s Sichos to their lives and live with the lessons they learn – לעבן מיט דער צייט” The materials include beautiful songs, eye catching powerpoints, and interactive worksheets and games to go along with the learning.

We’ve received so much positive feedback from parents and teachers. One Shlucha from France wrote: “I’ve asked myself in the past, Should we teach and guide our children in their growth, or let them just be kids? Now, with Chassidus for Kids I know that we could and should guide our children in following their Yetzer Tov. It’s been such a help for my family. Thank you Chassidus for Kids!”

Another grateful parent messaged us: “I recently have been making time to teach Chassidus for Kids to my children. My kids absolutely love it. The Powerpoints are incredible. My kids really look forward to the lessons. I am so happy that they have this opportunity to learn Sichos for Kids.”

Now, every Jewish child has free access to the Rebbe’s practical messages. Together with thousands of children learning and applying these lessons we will welcome Moshiach Now!

You can now take part in this great Mivtza.
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