CTeen Summer Opens New Staff Positions for Growing Program

To meet the growing number of teens registered and the launch of new trips, CTeen is expanding its staff opportunities for this summer.

When the summer ends, the Camp T-shirt ends up at the back of the closet, and even the memories lose their sharpness. But months after CTeen Summer, Dylan Katz, a teen from Queens Village, New York, is still in touch with his CTeen counselors. 

“It was more than just a counselor-camper relationship,” Dylan says. “They made this powerful bond with me – with all of us.” Last summer, Dylan spent 22 days on the CTeen Heritage Quest trip exploring Poland & Israel. The summer prior, he was on a 14-day road trip exploring Colorado, Utah, Nevada & California in CTeen’s Xtreme traveling camp. Besides an adventure-packed schedule and meaningful daily learning, what stands out most to Dylan, looking back at the trip months later, is his connection with the counselors. “We felt like we could ask them anything,” he said. “I think these relationships will last a lifetime.”

“Over the years, CTeen’s summer program has helped dozens of teens find a personal connection to their Judaism,” says Mendy Lepkivker, Program Coordinator at CTeen Summer. “And we owe much of that to our incredible staff.”

With counselors playing such a critical role, it’s no wonder that CTeen Summer Headquarters at Merkos 302 takes the hiring process seriously. “There is a detailed application, references are called, and only the most suitable are selected for the critical position,” says Rabbi Nachman Rivkin, director of CTeen Summer. “No effort is spared in ensuring they are the proper fit for the role.”

CTeen Summer looks for a delicate balance with their counselors – that rare blend of passionate chassidishkeit coupled with grounded relatability. “The staff are incredible role models,” says Mrs. Chana Burston, a Shlucha from Orange County, NY, who has sent dozens of teens on summer trips. “Our teens learn from their example how to live an authentic Jewish lifestyle with pride, joy and how to serve Hashem in a genuine way.”

Last summer, there were three programs each with multiple trips – CTeen Xtreme is a 14-day travel camp through the  western US with an emphasis on adventure; CTeen Heritage Quest takes teens through a powerful 5-day Poland and 17-day Israel experience; and CTeen Israel Journey gives teens a more extended stay in the Holy Land for a full 22-days. 

As CTeen’s trip directors look ahead to Summer 2023, they’re launching a new program called Origin Trail, tailored to introduce Jewish teens to the unique historical heritage of Jewish Morocco. Teens will spend five days exploring Morocco’s centuries of rich Jewish history in cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech, as well as the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, before continuing to Israel for the remaining 17 days of the 22-day experience.

As CTeen Summer grows, so do its staffing oppurtunities. For more info, or to apply as a staff member visit CTeensummer.com/staff.

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