CTeen Offers Shockingly Low Price Israel Trip

Record-high inflation is causing many Jewish summer programs to raise their prices. But, in an exciting twist, for those attending CTeen’s programs, the cost is at an all-time low. 

This summer, the record-high inflation rate is causing most Jewish summer programs to raise their prices. But, in an exciting twist, for those attending CTeen’s programs, the cost is at an all-time low. 

Hundreds of teenagers are expected to travel to Israel this summer on one of two CTeen trips—Israel Journey or Heritage Quest. A new scholarship opportunity will reduce their costs x3.

“CTeen’s summer programs are incredibly unique,” shares Rabbi Levi Raskin of Chabad Cote S. Luc, “it’s hard to describe what’s gained from an atmosphere of immersive Judaism. We’re excited about the new funding, especially as our crowd already grapples with a Canadian dollar exchange rate gap—the scholarship means we’ll be able to reach more families.”

A longtime partner in CTeen’s vision, the Meromim Foundation is invested in the potential of teens to be ambassadors of Yiddishkeit in their communities. After seeing the tremendous impact of the CTeen Heritage Quest program, the foundation is partnering once again with CTeen to help Jewish teens experience their heritage by offering a scholarship for families whose financial means are holding them back from this life-changing adventure.

“We founded CTeen based on the Rebbe’s ardent belief in the unique power of the youth,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, “Keren Meromim shares our passion for bringing the Rebbe’s vision to life and is partnering with us to create immersive Jewish experiences that Shluchim can utilize to inspire their local teenagers.” 

Teens can use the offered scholarship toward any of CTeen’s Israel trips. “Families who need the extra support to attend CTeen’s Israel Journey or Heritage Quest can now be a part of an inspiring 22-day journey for, basically, the price of a plane ticket,” says Rabbi Nachman Rivkin, Director of CTeen Summer Programs. 

The CTeen office breaks it down: the trip, with an original price tag of $5,590, is now $1,590 (an all-inclusive cost that includes airfare). “We are proud to partner with RootOne which already offers a $3,000 voucher to every North American Jewish public school teen who wants to visit Israel with us,” explains Rabbi Rivkin, “the additional scholarship by the Meromim Foundation will ensure that no teen will be left behind because of the remaining cost.”

It’s only been five summers since CTeen launched its inaugural Israel summer program in 2016, and already hundreds of Jewish public school students have visited the Holy Land. Today, many of those alumni are getting married and establishing Jewish homes. Rabbi Bentzi Lipskier of the Meromim Foundation recognizes the trips’ influence, “We understand the power of youth and how important it is for them to have engaging Jewish experiences. We are partnering with Merkos 302 because we have seen their tremendous impact and we’re hoping to create even more.”

Rabbi Yossi Laufer of Warwick, Rhode Island, reports that this extra support will enable him to reach new families who couldn’t consider the offering previously due to the financial barrier. “Now these families have an incredible opportunity for their teenager. With the additional scholarship, I can see some more of them apply.”

The scholarship is available until Sunday night, March 6. Shluchim who are interested in securing a scholarship for a teen can apply here.

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