CTeen Announces Staff For Its Largest Summer Yet 

With more teens than ever joining its many summer programs, CTeen Summer is announcing the staff set to lead these life-changing trips.

CTeen Summer is excited to unveil the names of the dedicated individuals who will lead this year’s programs. The dynamic trip leaders, alongside the carefully selected bochurim and girls staffing the trips, will create an unforgettable summer experience for the hundreds of CTeeners.

The past decade has made it evident that the staff are not merely an integral part of the program; they are the very heartbeat that brings it to life. To ensure they have the confidence to maximize the summer experience, Program Coordinators Rabbi Mendy Lepkivker and Mrs. Sarah Sherman are facilitating a wholly-refreshed staff onboarding and training program. Counselors will hear from experts on such topics as teamwork; safety and security; and providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support to the teens.

“When selecting our staff, our number one criterion is to choose positive role models of Jewish leadership,” explained Rabbi Nachman Rivkin, director of CTeen Summer at Merkos 302. “Countless participants of previous trips have attributed their inspiration to their counselors, who continue to maintain connections even after they return home.”

The CTeen Summer Experience, which began with a single busload ten years ago, has now grown to include: CTeen Xtreme, a thrilling 14-day travel camp with escapades throughout the western US; CTeen Heritage Quest, a deeply meaningful experience, spending five days in Poland, and seventeen days in Israel; CTeen Israel Journey, an immersive 22-day adventure in the Holy Land; and, debuting this summer, CTeen Origin Trail, an expedition spanning 22 days, commencing with five days in Morrocco before continuing to Israel.

There are also multiple international trips set to launch this year, made possible by funding from partners such as Mosaic United. Pilot delegations from France and Latin America will head to Israel this summer, and groups from Singapore, Australia, and South Africa are in the plans for December.

“The power of CTeen Summer is not solely in the destinations we visit, but in the extraordinary individuals who lead our trips,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch,  “Our staff embody the spirit of Jewish leadership. Through meaningful conversations and being a living example, they instill a sense of purpose in the hearts of the teens. Empowering them to be ambassadors of the Jewish people back home.”

For more information on the CTeen international trips, regional camps, and road trips, throughout the summer, head over to CTeenSummer.com.

Origin Trail Boys:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Sholom Raichik – Upper Montgomery County, MD

Dovber Uzan – Los Angeles, CA

Levi Harlig – Upland, CA

Mendel Cunin – Los Angeles, CA

Mendel Backman – Glendale, CA

Origin Trail Girls:

Trip Leader: Mrs. Chanie Naparstek – Myrtle Beach, SC

Simcha Elharrar – Los Angeles, CA

Pessi Naparstek – Myrtle Beach, SC

Chani Rubin – Albany, NY

Rechel Groner – Melbourne, Australia

Heritage Quest Boys:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Chaim Leib Hillel – SLO, CA

Zalman Shmotkin – Glendale, WI 

Uri Libersohn – Mexico City, Mexico

Mendel Lieberman – West Hempstead, NY

Dovi Glick – Brooklyn, NY

Heritage Quest Girls:

Trip Leader: Ms. Chanchie Krinsky – Manchester, NH

Devora Schimmel – Postville, IA

Gitty Naparstek – Myrtle Beach, SC

Mushka Rubashkin – Postville, IA

Menucha Shanowitz – Montreal, QC

Heritage Quest – Spanish Speaking

Organized by Rabbi Chai Kohan of Merkos 302 Spanish Desk

Chaim Acosta – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ber Chaim Arcusin – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Israel Journey Boys:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Danny Erdvin – Montreal, QC

Boruch Kalmenson – Brooklyn, NY

Sholom Bluming – Potomac, MD

Shalom Friedman – Birmingham, AL

Mendel Benjaminson – Glenview, IL

Israel Journey Girls:

Trip leader: Ms. Hindy Pruss – Brooklyn, NY

Mina Zalmanov – Hollis Hills, NY

Mushka Osdoba – Belle Harbor, NY

Rivka Goldenberg – Lawrenceville, NJ

Rivky Munitz – Buffalo, NY

Israel Journey – French Speaking: 

Organized by: Rabbi Mendy and Haya Mottal (CTeen of France)

Trip Leader: Mrs. Shlomit Atlan – Rennes, France  

Adina Goldberg – Yerres, France

Perla Atlan – Paris, France

Haya Baron – Paris, France 

Ora Fleischer – Yerres, France

CTeen Xtreme Boys:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Chaim Ozer Metal – Las Vegas, NV

Binyomin Wolowik – Woodmere, NY

Shlomo Zeilig Kupfer – Brooklyn, NY

Yisroel Baumgarten – Rockaway, NJ

Yossi Loewenthal – Copenhagen, Denmark

Koppel Pruss – London, UK

CTeen Xtreme Girls:

Trip Leader: Mrs. Dinie Rapoport – Mequon, WI

Chanale Schusterman – Indianapolis, IN

Chaya Shechter – Monsey, NY

Sara Weiss – Wilmington, DE

Chaya Barber – Brooklyn, NY

Yachet Tifenbrun – London, UK

CTeen Summer Administrators:

Mushka Kotlarsky

Pessel Jacobs

Raizy Altschul

Mendel Jaffe

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