Crown Heights Women’s Circle Celebrating Their First Decade

Crown Heights Women’s Circle began with a dream. It didn’t take long for dozens of local women to join. Today, they are celebrating their first decade, and looking back at their accomplishments over the past 10 years.

Our Circle In a Decade

Wednesday morning classes: 450
Hours spent learning and connecting at shabbatons: 160
Dollars donated to families in need: Over $50,000
Meals sent to new moms: 2,000
Community events: 120
Rosh Chodesh Society lessons, taught by Shaindy Jacobson: 67 
Mother-daughter duos at Imahos Ubanos: 600
Families impacted: Countless
A community built: Everlasting 

Click here to view a video summary of the decade.

We started with a dream: Welcome a few women, offer some toys and snacks, learn a meaningful sicha on the parsha

The idea caught on quickly. It didn’t take long before dozens of women made Wednesday at the Circle the bedrock of their week. Additional programs were added but most profoundly, perhaps, was the tangible effect women experienced in their marriages, parenting and homes. And what starts in the home, radiates outwards to the entire community.

At this point, a decade in, it’s our Circle that makes Crown Heights go round.

In order for our Circle to maintain momentum, we need YOU. Your contribution means we can continue offering high-quality weekly classes for women and monthly mother-daughter learning sessions for free. Your gift means annual shabbatons and additional events at below-cost price. Your donation means that we can help more families with financial support when they need it. 

Your partnership means that we can keep our Circle rolling and Crown Heights going round. 

So, let’s do it Crown Heights. 60k in 36 hours. Together.

Mrs. Kolodny, a dear friend of the Circle has generously contributed a Rebbe coin for this fundraiser! Donate $100 or more and you will automatically be entered into a raffle for this precious coin. 

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