Crown Heights Women Prepare Cards for Families of Prisoners

With the help of the Crown Heights community, Aleph sent out over 600 handwritten Mother’s Day cards to mothers and wives of people in prison, to serve as a reminder that they are seen and valued.

The Aleph Institute Family Services

The Aleph Institute thanks the Crown Heights community for stepping up, once again, to show love and support to the mothers and wives of people in prison. 

Every day is “Mother’s Day,” but today, the 8th, hits a sensitive nerve for many mothers who have a spouse or child in prison. While others receive flowers and gifts, they can’t help but wonder if they even deserve celebration.

With the help of the Crown Heights community, Aleph sent out over 600 handwritten Mother’s Day cards to these mothers this year. On a day often tinged with shame and regret, these cards are a reminder that they are seen, valued, and—most of all—worthy of celebration. 

Aleph sends a special shout-out to:

Mrs. Chani Lipskier, legendary teacher in Bais Rivkah High School and Elementary School, who brought hundreds of blank cards to her ninth, tenth and even third-grade students to complete with warm wishes.

Mrs. Chanel Lipskier and the women of the Crown Heights Women’s Circle who wrote beautiful wishes on cards during their Wednesday Morning Torah Shiur. Chanel even took more home to fill out with her daughters!

Michal Weiss and the ladies of Living Chassidus who wrote several dozen cards.

Leah Winner and the teens of Chabad of Brighton Beach.

The friends, family and strangers alike who heard about this initiative and stopped by the Aleph office in Crown Heights to handwrite hundreds more Mother’s Day cards.

In the words of a young man who is currently incarcerated: “I want to say how grateful I am that Aleph sent my mother a Mother’s Day card this year. I don’t know if you are aware, but a couple of years back the prison stopped letting us send or receive greeting cards… So for Mom to get a card from you that in many ways represented something tangible from her son. My mother was in tears as she read your simple but meaningful message.”

And from a recipient of a card: “Well I was on the lookout for an envelope and am letting you know that it came last night. When I opened it I almost fell on the floor. Thank you is the least I can say, that was beautiful of you to do that for me. I am still shocked. You are the only people who cared enough to reach out to me on Mother’s Day.”

We couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you for opening your heart to those you have never met and showing them that they matter. 

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