Crown Heights Semicha Program Opens First Class to the Public

The directors of the Machon Lemaan Yilmed Semicha Program are inviting the Crown Heights community to join the first class in the new semicha track, starting this week.

This week, the new term begins at Machon Limud Halacha, Lemaan Yilmedu. G-d willing, about 200 students have joined the learning for 5782 in three tracks: 

1) The Semicha – Issur v’Heter track is learning Hilchos Basar b’Chalav, Taaruvos and Melicha, with the director of the Machon, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm.

2) The Semicha – Hilchos Shabbos track is learning Hilchos Shabbos from Shulchan Aruch Admor Ha’Zakein with an emphasis on practical halacha, with Rabbi Sholom Zirkind.

3) The Chuppa v’Kiddushin track is learning the halachos of Siddur Kiddushin including kesuba, eidus, yuchsin, etc. with Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, author of Seder Kiddushin V’Nisuin.

The director of the Machon invites residents of Crown Heights to attend the first shiur in the Semicha course and the Shabbos course. It’s an opportunity to see for yourself what the shiur and the learning materials are like.

The first shiur in Hilchos Shabbos takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, 16 Elul, August 24, at 7:00 pm.The first shiur for Semicha takes place Wednesday, 17 Elul, August 25, at 7:30 pm.

The shiurim will take place in Nosson’s Shul 534 Empire Blvd.

For more details and to register:

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