Crown Heights Shifra U’Puah Needs Volunteers

For over a decade, Shifrah and Puah of Crown Heights has been helping new mothers with hot and nutritious breakfasts, house cleaning, babysitting and more. They are now in need of volunteers to continue their holy work.

Can you picture how holy the Alter Rebbe’s Davening is on a weekday?

Can you envision how much holier the Alter Rebbe’s Davening is on Shabbos?

Can you imagine how much holier the Alter Rebbe’s Davening is on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year?

Can you think of anything more important than that?

Oh, of course! Cooking food for a starving new mother!

This is what the Alter Rebbe did, when he took off his Talis and Kittel and went to the edge of town in the middle of his Yom Kippur Davening.

And that’s what the Rebbe shared with each one of us, on the afternoon of Yom Kippur 5737, during the break between Musaf and Mincha. He told Rabbi Chadakov to establish a new organization called Shifra uPuah, with the goal of helping every mother who has recently given birth. Though Shifra uPuah would be starting in Kfar Chabad, the Rebbe instructed Rabbi Chadakov to ensure that it would later expand to places all around the world.

For over a decade, Shifrah and Puah of Crown Heights has been heeding this holy call of the Rebbe in ever growing numbers ka”h. To date, over 2000 mothers have received a hot and nutritious breakfast, delivered daily, for up to two weeks after giving birth. Many have also been helped with house cleaning, babysitting and more.

Now it’s time for you to bring the amazing brochos experienced by all of those involved into your life!

We need the help of everyone in the community to be able to continue to service every new mother. So, please get involved today!

If you can help out in running this project- we need you!

If you can cook – we need you!

If you can drive – we need you!

If you can accompany a driver and bring fresh meals from the car to the new mother’s door – we need you!

If you know someone else who can help, we need you to spread the word!

To volunteer please email [email protected]

Let’s celebrate the birth of every new child that our community is blessed with. Each time you hear of someone who’s expecting or just gave birth, please contact Shifra and Puah and offer to help her and other mothers in any way that you can.

Together we can show every mother the respect and admiration she deserves!

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