Crown Heights Shidduch House Wants Couples to Get Involved

The Crown Heights Shidduch House is inviting and encouraging all newly married couples to come in as a hachlata tova and a way to really make a difference for their still single friends.

Mazal Tov!! So you just got married! The gifts are unwrapped, the dishes are toiveled and your wedding memories are forever captured in your beautiful photo album. Now what? It’s time to turn your attention to your friends who are still waiting for their moment to shine, their special day, their celebration of a time they can only use their imagination to envision the life you now have. You all have a friend, neighbor, cousin, sibling, or coworker that is still single, it’s your turn to try and give back for the wonderful blessing you B”H received.

The Shidduch House is a warm and inviting space in Crown Heights that was set up in an effort to assist with Shidduchim in any way possible. Anyone who has come to visit, be it a single, parents or shadchanim, are all so impressed with both the physical aspect as well as the welcoming ambiance and warmth it exudes. 

We are inviting and encouraging all newly married couples to come in as a Hachlata Tova and a way to really make a difference for their still single friends. Come spend an hour networking and sharing ideas with shadchanim for singles that you know. Just coming together and discussing possibilities can go a long way in helping someone else. Even if you don’t have an actual shidduch in mind, visit us and tell us about your friends, and our shadchanim will be able to keep them in mind and come up with suggestions for them. Please email us at [email protected] to meet with us and make a difference for someone you know.

EVERYONE CAN BE A SHADCHAN! In this day and age, when the shadchanim are inundated and overwhelmed by the amount of singles in search of their zivug, the job cannot possibly be left only to them. We all have to become active partners. Every person can and should make an effort in this area and we will see tremendous results. The Shadchanim are empowering you to join forces and team up with them to get the job done.

If you yourself are single and met someone and it wasn’t a match for you, pause and think,  maybe this person can be a good match for someone you know. If you don’t feel comfortable making the suggestion yourself, you can submit it on our “Secret Shadchan” option on and one of our shadchanim can follow up and make the suggestion. 

NO ONE IS EXEMPT. This is the call of the hour and everyone can do their part. 

If you know Alef, teach Alef, if you know a single, reach out and do something.

Together we can make things happen!

To keep in the know about future events, to schedule a meeting or to make a donation:

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Connect with your inner self through nature – finding your bashert in the flower essence garden.

Tuesday, June 7th. An evening for parents with Frannie Teitlebaum LCSW

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