Crown Heights Shidduch House Joins International Challah Bake

On Thursday the Shidduch House was somewhat transformed into a makeshift bakery as they joined the International Challah Bake connecting women at all stages and ages from all around the world.

On Thursday the Shidduch House was somewhat transformed into a makeshift bakery as they joined the International Challah Bake connecting women at all stages and ages from all around the world. The event led by Sheli Man left all the women feeling truly inspired. The Challah Bake gave these single women the opportunity to do the Hafrosho and daven on each other’s behalf to find their zivug.

Sheli shared personal and transformative anecdotes from her past as well as deeply moving stories she has experienced in connection to her Challah Bakes. She shared how the Mitzvah of Challah literally changed her life and how she continues to see the effects of that daily in how she is able to touch others through this Mitzvah. 

The pivotal moment came as the list of names was read and the room fell silent as each one davened with closed eyes in a very intimate moment with Hashem. The energy and achdus in the room was palpable.  It was very heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and support that they all had for one another. They were excited to be able to do this Mitzvah as part of a worldwide effort on behalf of singles around the globe.

As Sheli mentioned, it’s the small things we do for another that can so powerfully and positively impact the other.  It was a Mitzvah that kept on giving. Being that most of the girls didn’t need a full recipe of Challah for themselves, the loaves baked with such love and devotion were then shared with families and friends that may not have had the opportunity to bake fresh Challah for Shabbos.

The Shidduch House is a warm and welcoming space where Shadchanim meet with singles on a daily basis to try and help. The Challah Bake infused a fresh perspective into the Shidduch House so that hopefully all these women will be baking Challah for their own families very soon.  Sheli shared the importance of being there for another person. We don’t always know our mission in life and why we were put on this earth. But if we are helping another Jew, we can be sure we are doing the right thing. 

The attendees were so grateful for the opportunity and shared the following sentiments:

– “There are no words to thank you, thank you, thank you for your interest and concern for singles. May you merit to bring good news and joy to Crown Heights.”

– “Thank you for bringing people together and creating a feeling of Achdus.”

– “Thank you for providing a space to find support in the process.”

– “It’s so nice to be cared for, thank you for doing this, it feels so good.”

– “Thank you so much for this evening. It was very inspiring. It was amazing to get together and pray for each other for the same goal.”

– “Thank you so much Shidduch House for the personal care that made me feel warm and welcomed and the program was so beautiful and inspiring.”

The Rebbe once related to a woman that being involved in Shidduchim is the highest form of Ahavas Yisroel. You are literally building homes! This act of kindness needs to be contagious. Everyone needs to get on board and be an advocate for a single that they know. 

Join our Women’s Focus Group this Tuesday at 12 to make a difference today. 

1669 President St. Sushi will be served.

Come in to share profiles and discuss ideas with Shadchanim and be awarded $100 if your suggestion leads to a date. 

If you are uncomfortable making the suggestion yourself, you can submit it through the Secret Shadchan tab on the website.

For details contact: [email protected]

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