Crown Heights Rov’s Writings Compiled in New Sefer

A new Sefer has collected all the Torah writings of Rabbi Aharon Yaacov Schwei, compiled from hundreds of meticulous notes he kept throughout his life.

Rabbi Aharon Yaacov Schwei, who served as the beloved rov and member of the Crown Heights Beis Din for 17 years, passed away last year on the 30th of Nissan. Prior to his rabbanus, he was a long-time maggid shiur in Tomchei Temimim, inspiring hundreds of Lubavitcher talmidim from around the world.

In his will, Rabbi Schwei requested that his family print his chiddushei Torah, to inspire others to learn Torah. He would often mention that the Rebbe’s opinion was that one should forgo his personal humility in order to be a role model for others, “ממנו יראו וכן יעשו”. 

Rabbi Schwei was known for being able to relate deep Chassidic insights in a clear, concise and practical manner, that people were really able to relate to. For the past year, his grandson Hatomim Mendel Baumgarten has worked tirelessly to collect and prepare Rabbi Schwei’s chiddushim for print, compiled from hundreds of meticulous notes that Rabbi Schwei kept of all his talks.

The sefer includes a farbrengen for each special day in the Chassidic calendar, ideas on the importance of davening and the learning of a chossid, and talks from special life occasions – Bar Mitzva, chassuna, birthday, and more.

Also included in the sefer is a biography of Rabbi Schwei with many fascinating, previously unpublished letters from the Rebbe and great chassidim.

This 400 page sefer is brimming with beautiful insights that are also a pleasant, easy read. It is currently available for purchase in Crown Heights seforim stores. 

Thank you to all those who contributed from their time, effort and support to make this sefer possible.

If you have any unpublished chidushei Torah from Rabbi Schwei, or to purchase in bulk, please contact us at: [email protected].

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