Crown Heights Rov Impressed with Test Results

Close to twenty-five members of the Crown Heights community successfully passed the first test of the Lema’an Yilmedu Smicha program, administered by Harav Yosef Brau.

It is not an everyday sight in Crown Heights to see about twenty five community members sitting down for an in-depth halacha test. At the head of the table sits the Mara D’asra and member of the neighborhood Beis Din, Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun, who asks practical, as well as theoretical questions on a wide variety of topics, and the participants answer fluently, demonstrating their grasp of the material.

The above is a description of the first test, of the first session, of Machon Limmud Halacha — Lema’an Yilmedu, which held its inaugural class two months ago, in Crown Heights.

After concluding the test, Rabbi Braun expressed how impressed he was, and that it was an outstanding pleasure for him to see ba’alei batim investing part of their time to study halacha. He said that he is happy for the opportunity to take part in such a worthy and important endeavour, which adds Torah learning to the community.

The program head, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm thanked Rabbi Braun for his time, and noted with satisfaction that the words of our sages, “If you toil you will find” were evident in the students’ success in the test.

Further details about the program can be found on its website at:

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