Crown Heights Rov Cuts Wheat for Pesach 5782

Pesach just passed, but in the Crown Heights Matza Bakery they are already preparing for next year. A group headed out this week to cut wheat for shmura matza, ensuring that it remains supervised and at the highest standards of kashrus.

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Pesach 5781 is only three months behind us, but for the Rabbonim of the Crown Heights Beis Din, their eyes are already set on Pesach of 5782.

On Monday, a group from the Crown Heights Matzah Bakery traveled to Allentown, New Jersey to cut wheat and begin the matza baking process. Heading the group was Rabbi Berel Levertov of the CHK along with Rabbi Yitzchak Tennenbaum and Rabbi Chaim Cohen of the Crown Heights Matza Bakery. Supervising the entire process was Harav Yosef Braun of the Crown Heights Beis Din.

The cutting of the wheat takes place every year towards the end of June, when the sun is at its strongest, ensuring that the wheat will be totally dry when it is harvested. In order to meet the standards of shmura matza, the wheat is carefully guarded from the moment it is harvested, with many precautions put in place so that it will not come in contact with water.

Prior to the harvesting, the group checked that the wheat was completely dry. They also examined the combined harvester and the truck where the wheat is deposited into to check that they were totally clean. When the actual harvesting began, Harav Braun stepped into the combine for a short amount of time to personally take part in the mitzvah.


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