Crown Heights Republicans Call for Voting “Republican Down the Ballot”

Following a series of meetings with Republican candidates running for office, a group of Crown Heights activists and businesspeople are asking the community to vote Republican down the ballot.

On Thursday evening Nov 3rd, local Crown Heights activists and businesspeople met with a few of the Republican candidates for various positions.  

“This is a time for us to unite along with other Jewish communities, and endorse the candidate whose values most align with our community’s,” said CHRC chairman Max Coen in a statement to their campaigns. “After meeting with Lee Zeldin, Michael Henry, Paul Rodriguez, and Joe Pinion, that means voting Republican down the ballot”.

“We need candidates who will fight for the pro-yeshiva and pro-safety laws that our community desires. Additionally, our state is in crushing debt, and the cost of living is unsustainable due to the high taxes and high inflation. We need people who are competent, literate, and responsible. We trust that these candidates will run our state efficiently, and allocate money to the correct places instead of the current situation where money is being allotted without any oversight and as personal favors.” 

“We therefore ask the community from the bottom of our hearts to vote Republican down the ballot, from our good friend Lee Zeldin and downwards.”

The CHRC full ballot list is:

-Lee Zeldin – Governor 

-Paul Rodriguez – Comptroller 

-Michael Henry – Attorney General 

-Joe Pinion – Senate 

-Menachem Raitport – House of Representatives

-Vote No to all proposals on the back of the ballot


Yitzchok Rimler

Ari Rimler

Max Coen 

Yaakov Zeitz

Yaakov Blachman

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