Crown Heights Rally Calls for Release of Hostages in Gaza

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A rally in Crown Heights for the hostages in Gaza didn’t just call for their release; It took practical steps toward that goal with the recital of Tehillim, 12 pesukim and mivztoim. 

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Hundreds of people rallied in Crown Heights on Friday for the release of the hostage held in Gaza by the Hamas terrorists ym”s.

The event featured a Shabbos table with empty settings for each of the 222 confirmed hostages (since updated by the IDF to 230). The display, set up near the Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway, was meant to drive home the vast number of men, women and children being held hostage.

Along with the touching display, organizers made sure the event included concrete steps towards winning the war against the accursed terrorists, as the Rebbe taught: The recital of Tehillim, led by Rabbi Lazer Avtzon, children leading the crowd in the 12 pesukim, and mivztoim for passerby.

Also speaking at the rally were Rabbi Aron Raskin, shliach to Brooklyn Heights, Rabbi Yaacov Behrman of Jewish Future Alliance, who quoted the Rebbe’s words regarding the safety of Israel, and Sam Stern.

Musician Zalmy Schreiber played a number of songs on his guitar, and the crowd sang songs of faith and inspiration, including Ani Maamim and joyous songs declaring faith in Hashem, who will surely bring a decisive victory to his children.

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