Crown Heights Rabbonim: Weapons May Not Be Carried on Shabbos

In an audio message to the community, Crown Heights Rabbonim Avrohom Osdoba and Yosef Braun announced that after assessing the security situation there is no heter to carry weapons on Shabbos.

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Given the security situation in New York and the pro-Hamas rally scheduled to take place not far from Crown Heights, various people have approached the Crown Heights rabbonim for a heter to carry weapons for protection.

The rabbonim, who are in communication with askanim and police forces, evaluated the situation and danger, and released an audio message to the community, delineating what the correct halacha is for this coming Shabbos.

In a voice message, Harav Avrohom Osdoba states that after reports from the police, he has ascertained that there is no actual danger, and refers to Harav Braun’s message for further elaboration. Harav Braun explains that while it is important to remain vigilant, there is no reason to be fearful as there is no credible threat. He advises leading this Shabbos as usual and going to regular shuls.

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