Crown Heights Parents Create Alternative Camp

A group of parents looking for a different kind of camp experience for their girls united to create a program that would be calm, toichendik and fun. 

By reporter

Parents in Crown Heights now have more options when choosing where to send their girls for the summer. The program, run by local girls, took place in homes and backyards, and around the area.

The camp, organized and hosted by R’ Moshe and Shoshana Tal, was run by their daughter and a friend, who found it both enjoyable and meaningful.

When asked what prompted her to open this program, Mrs. Tal explained:

“I wanted my girls to be in a tznius and heimishe environment,” she told “Camp can be challenging for girls both spiritually and socially. There is less supervision: kids bring technological devices, the standard of dress is compromised, and there is commonly unrefined talk and bullying.”

The 3-week program, geared for girls in early elementary, filled up quickly, and many more were begging to attend. The girls came home so happy, and mothers asked that it continue for longer.

The girls had a full program of learning and camp activities, such as art projects, challa baking, and scavenger hunts. Learning included Pirkei Avos and the meaning of the Twelve Pesukim.

“Some people think that camp needs to be loud and wacky,” Mrs. Tal shared. “I think you can have fun without being crazy.”

“It was absolutely toichendik and age-appropriate. Just what a Lubavitch girl needs!”

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