Crown Heights Mosad is Struggling to Stay Afloat 

mosad making a tremendous impact on Limud HaTorah in Crown Heights is on the brink of closing due to a funding gap- will you be the one who can change that?

Yagdil Torah has two Heichalei Ha-limmud in Crown Heights; one at 574 Empire Boulevard, and one at 1475 President Street (with the entrance on Albany near the alley).

The President Street location hosts approximately 2,000 different individuals a month(!) and makes learning a reality.

Yagdil Torah and the President Street location have also inspired and guided atat least ten anash communities around the world to do what we have done.

The President Street location was initially meant to be open for a minimum of fourteen months; we have recently arrived at the two-year mark!  We want to keep it going even further.

The roughly-estimated monthly gap is about seven thousand dollars.  Will you be that hero whose help will close the gap?

Can Yagdil Torah count on you to give something monthly–whatever the amount, and for however long you can–so that we may keep our doors open?  Will you be that hero?

For details please contact Yagdil Torah at (347) 223-5943 or [email protected].

Monthly or one-time giving can be done at or by contacting Yagdil Torah.

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  1. I love learning in this Beis Midrash, it is very easy to learn here. You can focus, and learn properly. They also have light refreshments which also help in the limud. Thank you for all the help so far! May it grow and raise lots of funds!!

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