Crown Heights Morahs Gifted in Appreciation

Morahs in all three Crown Heights elementary schools were gifted $600 to do something special for themselves ahead of yom tov, in appreciation of their tireless work for our girls.

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Igud Hamechanchos is well-known among Crown Heights morahs; an affiliate of Igud Hamelamdim for Rebbis, the organization provides support and inspiration for Lubavitch women who dedicate themselves to be mechanech our girls. As yom tov approached, Igud Hamechanchos showered the teachers with the kind of appreciation that Igud Hamelamdim is known for.

Igud Hamechanchos got its start two years ago; its pilot project was setting up ‘Appreciation Centers’ in teachers rooms, providing a variety of snacks and refreshments. Messages of inspiration on chinuch are sent daily, and special evenings are held throughout the year. Many teachers have shared that these efforts leave them feeling appreciated and uplifted, and remind them of their priorities, and why they chose this holy mission.

Now, ahead of Pesach, every elementary school morah in Crown Heights received a $600 gift card for her to buy something for yom tov – soomething special for herself.

“This is not about additional financial support, as important as that is and how much the Rebbe emphasized that our teachers should be well supported,” one of the organizers told “It’s about expressing our admiration for our teachers thanking them for being our children’s heroes and role models.”

Many stores in Crown Heights participated in this gift, including: Top Fashion, Totally Her, Hair Lounge, Shaina’s Shaitel Repairs, Esti Pruss Shaitels, Beyond Bedding, Little Toes, Elite Sterling, Kettle and Cord, Weinstein’s, Judaica World, and Sossover Books.

Special thanks goes to these stores for collaborating and to the generous donors from Crown Heights who love their morahs and show them how much they care.

In a farbrengen before Pesach of 5743 (1983) the Rebbe highlighted the importance of showing teachers the proper honor and support.

“The Torah describes the special garments that we must provide for those who perform the service, saying that the garments should give them ‘honor and glory.’ What’s the lesson for us nowadays? To provide for schoolteachers with abundance.

“A wealthy businessman might think that he’s an important person, whereas the schoolteacher is a ‘batlan‘ who can’t succeed at business and therefore became a teacher. The truth is just the opposite: The schoolteacher is the most important person… We must work hard to uphold the honor of the schoolteachers.”

Currently, Igud Hamechanchos is working with the limudei kodesh teachers of Bais Rivka, Bnos Menachem and Bais Chaya Mushka elementary schools, with plans to expand to teachers of grade levels as funding becomes available.

Visit to donate to Igud Hamechanchos and help show our morahs support.

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